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1 arrested during investigation into debt collection scam

Many individuals in Ohio and across the nation may feel that one of the toughest aspects of being in debt pertains to dealing with constant phone calls and letters from collectors. This part of the process may increase in difficulty due to the recent rise of debt collection scams. One person has been arrested during an investigation into a recent operation in which he was accused of posing as a city marshal to collect payments from taxi cab drivers.

According to reports, the man developed a scheme to make money off taxi drivers who were behind on car payments back in 2016. He would reportedly contact these individuals and pretend to be a city marshal. Using the influence of his alleged position, he reportedly prayed on a multitude of victims and seized taxis and medallions from an unspecified number of cab drivers.

Dealing with a debt collector can be an intimidating process and many of those who struggle under the weight of debt might not be aware of how best to approach the situation. The stress of similar circumstances could also make it more difficult to know whether an attempt to collect a debt is valid. Individuals who are subjected to harassment through collection attempts may wish to better understand their legal rights, but they might be uncertain where to turn for guidance.

Individuals who receive constant calls or letters from debt collection agencies could benefit from seeking legal counsel for advice on each of their available options for creditor protection. By consulting with an attorney, a person in Ohio could obtain much-needed guidance in making informed decisions about his or her situation. An attorney can also examine a client’s financial circumstances and assist in developing a strategy to pursue relief from the burdens of debt through the applicable outlets.