Bankruptcy Filings Fall, But Still Viable Option for Some

There are many things that can be used to serve as a marker for economic recovery-and the amount of bankruptcy filings can be one of them.

2011 saw a decline in bankruptcy filings, which were down about eight percent in the first half of the year. Yet, 709,000 Americans still filed, indicating that they needed legal assistance with paying their bills.

In a vacuum, the number of bankruptcies declining would undoubtedly be good news. But the economic climate of these past few years calls for pause and careful consideration. The truth is the federal government has offered a number of programs to help American consumers, including stimuli and tax cuts.

The decline may be a reflection that these measures are helping consumers enough to make their payments and avoid bankruptcy. Yet, the total debt Americans are shouldering show that financial peace is still out of reach. And as some come to realize, the help is just not enough and many make the decision to try to pick up the pieces of their financial lives, stop creditor harassment and seek to start anew.

How Bankruptcy Can Help

Filing for bankruptcy is an option for those who do not have enough income to satisfy their debts, and attempts to reconcile debt repayment with creditors have been unsuccessful. More than anything else, bankruptcy provides petitioners a means of taking control of their financial situations.

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