Beware the Budget Bankruptcy

Many people are surprised when they hear how much it costs to file for bankruptcy. After all, bankruptcy is supposed to offer people facing substantial debt an opportunity to start over. As a result, some people seek out the least expensive representation they can find. Unfortunately, as is often the case, you get what you pay for.

The cost of filing for bankruptcy has gone up due to the 2005 Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, which increased the amount of paperwork required to initiate a bankruptcy petition. The increased amount of paperwork required forced attorneys to increase their fees.

Regardless of the cost, there is no substitute for sound legal representation. There are many inexpensive document preparation services that can trick consumers into thinking that they are getting competent legal advice, notwithstanding the fact that the preparers are not trained attorneys. Debtors should definitely not try to go through bankruptcy alone, as there are many traps that can snare consumers. A single mistake can get a bankruptcy case dismissed, which is every bit as harmful to a consumer’s credit but comes without any of the benefits of a successful bankruptcy.

There is no substitute for choosing an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Stopping payments to creditors can free up money to pay the attorneys fees, and friends and family can also help with financial assistance. A debtor can get a second job or sell some of their possessions, as long as the ability to receive bankruptcy protection is unaffected. Also, many attorneys accept payments by installments, which is helpful to reduce the cost of initiating bankruptcy proceedings. In addition, the $300 court fee can be waived if the creditor’s income is less than 150 percent of the poverty line and it can be proven that he or she is unable to pay the fee in full or in installments.

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