Business and Bankruptcy: The Benefits of a Workout

When most people think of the benefits of working out, their minds go to physical health and fitness. They imagine weight loss, lower blood pressure, longer lifespan and overall better health. However, there are other types of workouts with huge benefits.

For a business owner, they may want to consider a financial workout, which is when a company works closely with creditors to determine the source of a business’s financial problems and restructure a repayment plan that includes:

  • Extending loan terms
  • Consolidating debts
  • Reducing interest rates
  • Forgiving partial debt obligations

These workouts allow entrepreneurs to address a temporary financial setback without digging themselves further into debt or management problems.

What does a workout look like?

A successful requires two aspects in the process.

First, you will work with an attorney to neogiate the terms of the debt relief agreement with banks and lenders. Essentially, you would look at what terms work best for your interests and the bank’s finaces and find a solution that incorporates all or some of the tactices from above.

Second, you would have to evaluate how these strategies affect your taxes. These tax considerations are important because they will inform any future business decisions and financial transactions. Your attorney can offer recommendations for what is best workout for your specific situation.

A workout is optimal for any struggling business owner because it allows you to repay your company debts while maintain any operations or employees necessary for your business. You may want to explore a workout or chapter 11 bankrupcty in general.