Can Debt Collection Agencies Contact Family and Friends?

Falling behind on financial obligations can be a stressful and daunting experience. Individuals in Ohio who are constantly struggling with high levels of debt may deal with debt collection attempts every day, and the stress involved with constant calls and letters can be difficult to handle. Unfortunately, this might not only affect the debtor, as collectors may sometimes decide to reach out to one’s family members and friends.

Dealing with debt collectors can be stressful enough as is. Although there are regulations that govern how creditors can speak with a debtor, if a collection agency cannot locate a person, it may retain the right to reach out to family members for information. Furthermore, debt collectors can also reach out to one’s friends or place of employment, and although there is a limit to what they can say, the process can still be harrowing.

When dealing with a debt collector, debtors may find it beneficial to be aware of their rights. For instance, creditors are only allowed to contact each party once, and they can only do so if they have not spoken to the debtor. Collectors must also identify themselves, and although they may seek to verify contact information, they cannot go into detail concerning one’s debts.

Should one feel that a debt collection agency is operating outside of regulations, knowing how best to address the situation can be challenging. Those who wish to protect their legal rights could choose to speak with a bankruptcy attorney for guidance on how to proceed. An attorney can help a client in Ohio better understand his or her rights and provide guidance in forming a strategy to pursue relief from debts through the necessary outlets.