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Can I hide my car to prevent repossession?

Getting behind on your car payments usually results in your creditor sending the repossession specialist to your home to collect your vehicle. The first instinct of many vehicle owners facing repossession is to hide their vehicles.

If the repo specialist can’t locate your car, it can’t be taken away from you, right? Before you take an action like this, you might want to think your decision over and consider how to resolve this problem in a more appropriate way. Hiding your vehicle is a temporary solution at best and may be unlawful. The filing of a bankruptcy is a legal way to deal with a delinquent vehicle debt and avoid a repossession.

When can my creditor repossess my vehicle?

It’s important to understand the law behind repossessions of property. In most situations, all the creditor requires is for you to default on your loan. Then, the creditor can repossess the property that secures the loan — such as a vehicle in the case of a car loan. It’s therefore important to reach out to your creditor before you miss a payment, or immediately after you miss a payment. You may be able to negotiate a resolution to your financial dilemma that does not involve vehicle repossession.

Repossession professionals use every trick in the book

Simply hiding your car might help you avoid the repo man temporarily. However, these professionals employ every trick in the book to locate your hidden car. They may watch your home and follow wherever you drive your vehicle. As soon as you park, they will grab it. Towing your car only requires a minute or two with the proper equipment.

Another important point to make is that when it takes longer for the repossession man to get your vehicle, the repossession man will charge the bank more money for his services. These charges will then be transmitted to you by your bank.

It’s against the law to hide your car from the repossession man

The most important reason not to hide your vehicle is that it’s a crime. Avoiding repossession by intentionally hiding your property is a criminal act and you could face civil and criminal repercussions.

To conform with the law, avoid legal consequences and stay in good credit standing, learn as much as you can about your legal rights and options after defaulting on your vehicle loan.