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Category: Business Law

COVID-19 —A Good Excuse Under Your Business Contract?

In the absence of an applicable governmental order, can COVID-19 be used to excuse performance under your business contract?  If performance is rendered impossible, then the answer is yes.  However, if performance has simply become more difficult, dangerous, or burdensome, then we must look to the plain language of the contract.  Many negotiated contracts contain

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When it comes to business agreements, details really matter

A major deal signed just before the economic crash that followed the U.S. coronavirus outbreak shows just how important the details of business agreements can be –<atarget=”_blank” href=”https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/29/business/victorias-secret-sycamore-coronavirus.html”> in this case billions are on the line and because of careful drafting by the seller’s lawyers, the buyer may not be able to back out under

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