Dog Bites

How Are Animal Bites Different From Other Injuries?

If you have been injured by an animal, you may deserve compensation. Dog bites and other types of animal attacks and accidents stand out from other injuries in several key ways.

First, bite injuries can be difficult to treat and bring unexpected complications:

A claim for compensation after a dog bite or another animal-related injury should take all losses and costs into account.

Secondly, laws define people’s responsibilities for keeping and containing animals. These laws may pertain to dogs’ owners or property managers.

  • Leash laws, for example, are intended to protect the public from dog attacks. Homeowners may be required to keep dogs fenced when they are outside at home.
  • A dog with a history of being dangerous may not be allowed in certain areas.
  • Most populated areas have ordinances governing where livestock and exotic animals are and are not allowed.
  • Property owners and managers are responsible for keeping premises safe for people who work, visit or live there.

Third, people who have suffered dog bites sometimes hesitate to “sue” friends or family members whose dog caused the injuries.

  • In fact, it is important to understand that a homeowner’s insurance usually covers dog bites.
  • Bringing a claim or lawsuit is a way of tapping into the safety net that insurance provides.

A review of an incident should include analyzing the facts in light of relevant laws that may show that someone was negligent or legally responsible. An injured person can seek compensation by filing an injury claim with the responsible party’s insurer and/or bringing a lawsuit before a judge and jury.

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