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Robert F. Healey, Jr.

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Being charged with an OVI is a serious and scary event. You need skilled legal advice. Minnillo Law Group drops the legal jargon and provides clear answers and advice to clients facing an OVI/DUI in Dayton

Attorney Robert F. Healey, Jr. has been defending criminal and traffic cases for over 15 years. Thanks to his background in law enforcement, his cases have resulted in reduced charges, dismissals, and amendments. This experience makes him one of the best DUI attorneys in Dayton. He practices in: Montgomery County, Greene County, Miami County, Clark County, Darke County, Fairborn, Kettering, Xenia, Eaton, and Preble County.

Collaboration. Communication. Confidence. With Robert representing their criminal defense case, our OVI clients can count on all three.

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I highly recommend Rob to anyone that need a quality representation for a DUI/OVI. He is very responsive, and treats his clients as he would his family. Thank you Robert for the great work that you do, may God bless you.
Amy B.
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Robert Healey handled my DUI case at the beginning of 2021. I had a high tier DUI, but it was set at a low tier. This was my 3rd in 10 and Rob was able to get me the minimum on jail time, fines & other punishments. He always answered my calls or called me right back as soon as he could. He explained everything to me and offered me support. I would use him again if another instance for a lawyer was to come up.
Amy M.
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The attorney was helpful and responsive to our needs he was easy to talk and very personable. We appreciate all the hard work. Thank you Mr Rob Healey
Bryan G.
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If you're looking for a straight forward and to the point lawyer to go to bar for you, Robert Healey is the one for the case. From the point I called him, right to the end. My situation could've gone a lot differently for worse, but he secured for me a great outcome. If there's anyone in the future that finds themselves in my situation I had, I will definitely be forwarding his name to them. Thanks Rob.
Avery S.
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I’ve known Mr. Rob Healy over 10 years. He’s proven to be a great help when he can be one and a great friend when he can gently try and advise you. I couldn’t recommended another person to help guide you. I throw Robs name around when possible even!!!!
Sara M.
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Rob is a a great criminal law attorney. We hired him to handle three old cases that were 5 plus years old. He got everything situated for my fiancé and plead him down to lesser charges. Between all three cases, we thought he would end up doing a small amount of time in jail, but thanks to Rob, he only ended up with costs, fines, and community service. Rob is a great attorney & did an excellent job. He is professional, resourceful, and performed very well as a criminal defense attorney. Thank you for everything.
Keith B.
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Rob Healey is a true professional. He handled my situation quickly and effectively at a very fair price. He explained the process very well to me and let me know the possible outcomes. He was spot on with what he thought would happen and I am very happy with the outcome. I hope to not need him again but if I do he'll be my go-to.
Jeremy R.
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This past month has been extremely worrisome and mentally taxing, and I can definitively say that Robert Healey's incredible professionalism, promptness and rapport with the court system made this process as easy as possible. Through him I was able to go from having make a dire mistake, to getting a deal from the judge that most would have considered impossible. His planning and appearance at court are second to none and the life lessons he will teach you outside the courtroom are invaluable. I recommend him to anyone in the area that feels like they've dug themselves into a hole they can't get out of.
Matthew M.
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My attorney Rob Healey was so wonderful to me throughout this experience. Rob and his staff were great at communicating the status of the case to me. He frequently checked in w me to make sure I was doing OK and to reassure me that things were going well. In the end my case was resolved in a way that was very satisfactory to me.
Elliot U.
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I have trusted Rob Healey with some very important legal issues. He has done well for me. He professional, knowledgeable, straightforward, and very responsive. Nice guy too!
Sara M.
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We hired Minnillo Law Group attorney Robert Healey to handle some 4-5 year old criminal cases and warrants in Hamilton County & Clermont county. Robert was amazing at getting these cases pleaded down and the warrants lifted. Robert Healey & his team at minnillo law group were on top of everything, very responsive, professional, and gave us top notch quality legal advice. Robert was able to get rid of all the charges & pleaded the bigger offenses to lesser charges. My fiancé was able to get everything squared away & taken care of with no jail time. Robert Healey is one of the best attorneys we've ever hired & I would recommend him and his team to anyone looking to hire an excellent attorney. Robert Healey was also extremely affordable.
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Thank you Rob Healey. You are a thorough, transparent professional that is honest and understanding. You were easy to work with while continually seeking the best outcome possible. I really appreciate all of your hard work and hope many others can experience your great care. Keep up the incredible work! God Bless You.
Evan J.
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Rob Healey Jr is a great attorney to have on your side. He will fight for you to obtain a favorable outcome!
Roger G.
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Expungement request was really easy. Robert Healey was very professional. He talked me through the process, we sent the application and because I qualified by staying out of trouble, we were able to get the expungement granted. Highly recommend.
Cody B.
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ROB HEALEY IS THE BEST OF THE BEST. I feel much more comfortable knowing I have a honest and hard working lawyer on my team.
Sumedh S.
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Robert Healey was a thorough professional and transparent legal advisor since my first day of consultation. He didn't just devise a strategy to build up my defense but also pointed my flaws out very honestly which in turn prepared me for the case and future. Highly recommend his and his team's services.
Walter G.
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I hired Robert Healey for an OVI. He was always available to me when I had any questions. I was very arrogant to the arresting Officer and the Prosecutor could have made an example out of me. After talking to Mr. Healey I wrote an apology letter to the Officer which Mr. Healey presented to the prosecutor. I believe this helped me get the plea deal I ended up with. I was very happy with the final results. I would highly recommend Mr. Healey to anyone needing an attorney.

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