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Feeling overwhelmed with debt while going through a divorce?

There are only a few things equal to or more difficult than dealing with large amounts of debt. One example is dealing with a divorce. Financial problems are frequently a source of struggling relationships. These financial issues often force individuals to deal with both a collapsing marriage and collapsing finances at the same time.

Bankruptcy may be a good option to eliminate marital debt. Couples or an individual party in a divorce may find that it’s best to file for bankruptcy while going through a divorce. This will allow the parties to have a clearer picture of what debts will be discharged in bankruptcy. Other couples may find that it’s best to finalize the divorce and then file for bankruptcy. This may allow couples to more quickly proceed through the divorce while each party is responsible for their own debts presented in the divorce judgment.

Time may be of the essence in your situation. Divorces and bankruptcies alike are processes that may take considerable time. It’s important to figure out what your priority is. Are debt collectors after you? Are you out of work? Are you in a toxic marital situation?

Since there are so many factors to consider when dealing with financial challenges in a marriage or live-in partner situation, speaking with the experienced Ohio bankruptcy attorneys at Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA may be crucial to helping you achieve peace of mind.

These situations are overwhelming, and it’s alright to feel that way. Experienced bankruptcy attorneys know how to navigate the murky waters of bankruptcy and divorce to help you obtain the legal solution you need.