Homeowner Can Become Target of Fraud Trying to Stop Foreclosure

The desperation felt by a homeowner trying to stop foreclosure in the wake of financial challenges can make that person an easy target for an unscrupulous mortgage lender. The sudden loss of income from unemployment or a pay cut associated with a lack of overtime or fewer hours worked can make it difficult to keep up with monthly mortgage payments.

One solution to high mortgage payments might be a modification of an existing mortgage. Loan modification programs offered by a mortgage lender could reduce the interest rate and principal balance paid by a mortgage borrower.

Some Ohio homeowners became victims of a company that promised to obtain loan modifications for them. The unsuspecting borrowers were led to believe that the company was actually a law firm. The attorney general in Ohio has filed a lawsuit against the company for taking money from consumers seeking relief from their financial challenges and failing to deliver anything in return.

When repossession and foreclosure become a part of an individual’s life, there are legitimate ways to stop foreclosure and prevent repossession. Filing for bankruptcy might be one option that is available, but determining the best method for helping someone to overcome financial challenges depends upon the person’s overall financial situation. What works for one person might not work for everyone.

A consultation with a Hamilton County bankruptcy attorney is a good place to start when the threat of foreclosure first becomes apparent. Consistently late or missed mortgage payments is a sign that a homeowner should take as signaling that it is time to get legal advice before things become worse and the foreclosure process moves further along.

Source: Dayton Business Journal, “Ohio attorney general sues California mortgage company,” Nov. 23, 2015