Man Leaves Over 100 Victims Behind in Foreclosure Scam

According to an article examining foreclosure filings in Ohio, what began as a problem affecting mostly urban areas in the mid-1990s ballooned to crisis levels, with more than 70,000 new foreclosures filed in 2012.

In addition, the Dayton Business Journal reported that in early 2013, Ohio saw the scheduled foreclosure auction total rise by 73 percent from 2012, which resulted in a 68-month high for the state.

These numbers alone can lead to anxiety and feelings of desperation, similar to those which many Ohio residents who are facing the foreclosure process may experience. Stories of foreclosure scams are unfortunate but not uncommon.

Recently a man used a mortgage rescue scam, via a fake religious organization, to defraud more than 100 people in another state.

For a fee, the man allegedly promised homeowners who were facing foreclosure that he would negotiate with mortgage lenders to settle the homeowners’ foreclosure matters. Instead, he pocketed $300,000 before being caught trying to scam his employee. After failing to deliver on his promise to save her home, the employee contacted authorities.

The man has now been charged with two felonies and conducting a criminal enterprise.

It is unfortunate when desperation clouds the judgment of homeowners who are burdened with the fear of losing their homes. Those who are looking for assistance to handle a foreclosure matter need to be wary of predators. It is important for such individuals to seek guidance from a reputable debt relief and foreclosure attorney.  It may be possible to save your home and prevent foreclosure, but it is critical to only seek advice on this matter from a trustworthy legal professional.

Source: Michigan Radio, “Man accused of using fake religious organization to run foreclosure rescue scam,” Sarah Cwiek, April 4, 2014