Medical Bills Can Wreak Havoc on Credit Score

While most Ohio residents usually associate credit scores with credit cards, other financial issues can play a huge role in the credit score process as well.  According to a recent article in The New York Times, one of those issues is the effect of unpaid medical bills.  While medical costs are usually very much out of a person’s control, their effects can be just as devastating on a person’s financial well-being.

Insurance or no insurance, the cost of healthcare has definitely increased in more ways than one in the past few years.  Sometimes, even those who have insurance through their employers have a hard time figuring out just what it is that is owed when healthcare costs are involved.

For most what becomes the greatest shock is that unpaid medical bills are listed on a credit report, just like credit card debt. Furthermore, medical debt affects a person’s score in the same way as any other kind of debt.

For those who believe an error occurred in billing, the Fair Credit Billing Act provides the right to dispute charges. During a 30-day investigation period, the payment can be withheld while the credit report remains undamaged. This can help repair an unfairly damaged credit report.

A Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help

For those facing substantial debt, filing for bankruptcy may provide an opportunity for a financial fresh start. If you or someone you love is considering filing for bankruptcy, contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney. A knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer can assess your case and explain your options.

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Source: New York Times, “Discrepancies on Medical Bills Can Leave a Credit Stain,” Tara Seigel Bernard.