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Your strongest ally during a difficult time

The last few years have been very difficult for many in the Cincinnati area. With an ever-changing economy, hardworking people have fallen behind on paying the bills and need debt relief. Are your finances in distress? Have you incurred debt that you will not reasonably be able to pay? It is time to look at bankruptcy as an option. A debt relief lawyer can be your strongest ally during this time. You need a Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney near you and ready to help. You need the legal experts of Minnillo Law Group.

Trying to manage overwhelming debt can be exhausting and impact every aspect of your life. For many, fears about possibly losing assets in bankruptcy or facing a future without credit stand in the way of calling a debt relief and bankruptcy lawyer.

The truth of the matter is, most people not only feel a tremendous amount of relief after completing the bankruptcy process but also learn that life after bankruptcy is far brighter than they envisioned. It is possible to rebuild credit after bankruptcy. In fact, it is often easier to restore your credit after obtaining a fresh start.

Our Cincinnati bankruptcy attorneys are well-versed in Ohio and Kentucky bankruptcy laws. We are dedicated to taking on every type of issue, including chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, each debt circumstance is unique and requires a skilled lawyer on your side.

Bankruptcy Issues We Help With

Here are the types of bankruptcy issues we will take on for you:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Icon


Sometimes, you need a fresh start. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often a quick way to receive lasting relief from debt and financial problems. This process puts an immediate halt to creditor harassment of individuals or businesses. It completely discharges most debts of an individual.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Icon


Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you save your home and your car. With this consumer bankruptcy filing, you agree to a debt repayment plan, usually between three and five years. This usually involves a partial reduction in your unsecured debts, reduced interest rates on your secured debts, and extended payments terms.

Foreclosure Icon


Your home is more than a building. It’s a shelter for you and your family.  It’s an investment.  And it’s a place full of special memories. If you have fallen behind on your mortgage, filing bankruptcy can halt the foreclosure process. This will give you time to repay your past-due mortgage balance or modify your mortgage.

Garnishment Icon

Stopping Wage Garnishment

Debt is always stressful. But when creditors squeeze money from you through wage garnishment or bank account seizures, making ends meet gets more difficult. Most wage earners cannot survive a garnishment on their regular income. Filing bankruptcy immediately puts an end to garnishments.  And in some situations, the wages that were garnished pre-bankruptcy can be retrieved.

Repossession Icon

Preventing Car Repossession

Your car loan is one of your biggest expenses, and one of your most important. If you are having difficulty making payments, your lender may be threatening you with repossession. If so, bankruptcy can help you save your vehicle. It may also be able to save substantial amounts on your vehicle loan balance and reduce your interest rate.

Business Bankruptcy Icon

Small Business Bankruptcy

In small businesses and family-run operations, business debts can sometimes negatively impact the personal finances of the owners. Our Dayton and Cincinnati-based Chapter 11 lawyers can help businesses, LLCs, and sole proprietors in financial distress liquidate or reorganize.

Questions to ask before hiring your Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney

There are several law firms near you willing to take on your case. However, choosing a bankruptcy lawyer is a crucial decision. Your choice will have an influence on how your bankruptcy is resolved. Before hiring a law firm, consider the following questions:

Bankruptcy Guidelines


Find out how much your house and car are worth on the open market. It’s important to know how much your house or automobile is worth. If your house has several mortgages or liens, we may be able to help you remove the second or subsequent mortgage via bankruptcy. Judgement liens may also be removed.

Make a list of everything you own. Exemption laws can allow you to avoid the forced liquidation of your assets in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. As a result, understanding the nature of your assets and disclosing all of your assets to your bankruptcy attorney before filing bankruptcy is a good idea.


Don’t try to “hide” assets by transferring property or in any other way. You are mistaken if you believe you can protect property by transferring ownership to a family or friend and filing bankruptcy. In reality, if you use this strategy, you will almost certainly end up worse off. The bankruptcy trustee will be able to seize and sell the property to satisfy your creditors. To make matters worse, you may not be discharged from any of your previous debts.

Don’t rack up credit card debt right before filing bankruptcy. Using your credit cards to rack up charges or take out cash advances and then filing for bankruptcy is also a bad idea. You might even be prosecuted with fraud depending on the nature of your charges and when you file bankruptcy. In any case, it’s quite doubtful that you’ll be able to get your obligations forgiven.

When you work with our law firm, you can count on receiving experienced, knowledgeable legal representation. While every bankruptcy case is unique, our law firm has handled nearly every type of situation. Consequently, we will be able to work efficiently toward helping you get debt relief.

Ohio Bankruptcy Exemptions

Ohio exemptions are different from federal bankruptcy exemptions. In Ohio, you are allowed exemptions under certain categories up to certain dollar amounts. Some of these include:

Understanding exemptions is one of the most important factors in a bankruptcy. It is imperative you work with an experienced attorney to help determine what assets are exempt and explain the differences between secured and unsecured debts.

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Often our prospective clients’ concerns regarding bankruptcy revolve less around financial issues and more about issues relating to who will find out about their bankruptcy, and what they will think.

This is understandable. Shame about excessive debt is almost universal, and almost everyone has experienced it. The truth is, though, that few people learn about others’ bankruptcies, and more and more people understand that bankruptcy is a valid, effective and commonly used solution to debt.

In addition, bankruptcy laws protect parties from taking adverse action against a person because he or she filed bankruptcy. For instance, bankruptcy laws include a specific provision prohibiting employers from discriminating against employees because they have filed for bankruptcy. And while bankruptcy actions are reported to credit agencies, they are not reported to local newspapers or otherwise generally broadcast.

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