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Bank Account Garnishment

Financial problems and unpaid bills can cause untold anxiety and stress. As unpaid bills continue to accumulate, you will probably find that your creditors are taking increasingly stronger actions against you. Phone calls and letters lead to lawsuits. Lawsuits lead to judgments. Finally, judgments lead to bank account garnishment.

Bank account garnishments can happen without much warning and can create huge problems in your life. After a bank garnishment, any checks you have written can be returned for insufficient funds. As a result, your already bleak financial situation will only get worse.

How Does Bankruptcy End Bank Account Garnishment?

When you file for bankruptcy, your creditors must end all of their efforts to collect your debts. This is known as the automatic stay. The automatic stay provides immediate relief to people in financial distress. The automatic stay ends bank garnishments, lawsuits, liens, levies, foreclosure, repossession, and harassing phone calls and letters. Our law firm will advise you on what type of bankruptcy best fits your needs and will be with you at each point in the legal process.

Perhaps the best way to end bank garnishments, wage garnishments, creditor lawsuits and other punitive debt collection measures is through filing for bankruptcy. Your choice of a bankruptcy attorney will have an impact on how your bankruptcy is resolved. We are the law firm of Minnillo Law Group. For more than 20 years, people in the Cincinnati area have trusted our lawyers and staff to handle their bankruptcies. Call us at 513-723-1600 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

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