Medical Bills

Bankruptcy Can Solve Medical Debt Problems

A medical emergency, unexpected illness or injury can lead to substantial financial difficulty. Along with the high cost of care, many people are not able to earn a paycheck while recovering from a medical emergency. Others who have health problems that are not due to a single event know the medical appointment, prescriptions and continuing therapy can add up to substantial expenses that can easily become unmanageable. Even with health coverage, you may be facing a mountain of medical debt. You are not alone.

The need for affordable health care is not just an issue affecting lawmakers. Excessive health care costs can affect anyone who was in an accident or becomes ill or is unable to work due to health concerns.

The high cost of health care can wipe out an individual or family’s savings and result in five- and six-figure debt burdens, which can be impossible to pay off.

If you have unmanageable medical debt, bankruptcy may be the best choice for you. Contact the attorney team at the law firm of Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA, for experienced debt relief help. Call 513-723-1600. We have offices in Cincinnati, Eastgate and Fairfield.

We Provide Legal Help To People Drowning In Health Care Debt

Fortunately, there is help for many individuals and families facing unmanageable medical bills:

  • Through Chapter 7 bankruptcy most filers completely eliminate medical bills. Most people typically retain all of their property, while eliminating debt in Chapter 7.
  • Through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can arrange for significantly reduced monthly debt payments and pay off of debt in three to five years, instead of decades.

Even insured individuals can incur unmanageable medical debt. Psychological diseases, prescription medications, costly therapy, and other needed medical-related products and services are often not covered at all or are not adequately covered, by insurance.

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At the law firm of Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA, we have been practicing bankruptcy law since 1996 and have helped thousands of clients resolve financial issues, including the challenges caused by medical bills. Through bankruptcy, you may be able to quickly and effectively discharge all of your health care debt.

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