Tax Debt and Student Loans

Tax Debt, Student Loans and Bankruptcy

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Generally, tax and student loan debt is difficult to discharge through bankruptcy. There are, however, options in specific cases.

Can I Discharge Student Loans through Bankruptcy?

A debtor must prove “undue hardship” to have student loans discharged through bankruptcy protection. This can be extremely challenging but we have done it in many appropriate cases including the Marshall student loan case.

Examples in which debtors were able to prove undue hardship include:

  • Disability (disabled debtor or disabled dependent of the debtor)
  • A fixed income with no potential for increase or payment
  • Unfair student loan term
  • Family or other issues preventing the debtor from earning an income

Generally, older student loan debt is more easily discharged through bankruptcy than newer, more current debt.

Can I Discharge Tax Debt through Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy laws generally don’t permit the discharge of tax debt. However, under certain circumstances, some tax debt, but not all, can be discharged. In Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 cases, some debtors may be able stop tax interest from accruing and/or avoid tax penalties. Additionally, some debtors may be able to consolidate tax debt and arrange a more favorable repayment plan.

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