The Automatic Stay

Understanding The Bankruptcy Automatic Stay

When creditors are hounding people for money, they have many tools available to obtain payment. Creditor lawsuits, judgments, garnishments and other legal processes can make the life of a person who is struggling with money problems unbearable. In addition to the many legal options, bill collectors frequently use unfair and harassing techniques in their efforts to collect. One of the benefits of filing for bankruptcy is the “automatic stay.” That is a legal term for the Bankruptcy Code provision that requires bill collectors to put a halt to their efforts to collect as the Bankruptcy Court takes authority over how debts will be addressed.

Stop Repossession, Foreclosure And Garnishment

The automatic stay is a very powerful tool. Filing bankruptcy can put an automatic stay on repossession, foreclosure, garnishment and collection lawsuits. It can also stop the accumulation of interest and late fees. The automatic stay gives your attorney time to develop an effective debt relief plan.

At the law firm of Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA, we have helped thousands of people in Ohio and northern Kentucky get debt relief. We act quickly to stop repossession and foreclosure, using the bankruptcy system to help our clients get a fresh start. Call 740-212-2224 today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Learn More About The Debt Relief Solutions Available To You

In your confidential consultation, an attorney at our firm can review your situation and discuss your options. If you decide to file bankruptcy, we can file your bankruptcy petition electronically, while you are in our office. This places an immediate hold on most repossession, foreclosure, garnishment and collection actions. Creditor harassment will stop as well. If creditors or bill collectors do call, simply refer them to us and we will handle all dealings with them from that point on.

Our firm will then develop a Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 debt relief plan for you. This will be a customized plan, designed to obtain maximum debt relief while enabling you to keep as much property as possible.

The automatic stay is not necessarily permanent. If you fail to make your car or mortgage payments, lenders can resume repossession or foreclosure actions. It does provide time so that you and your lawyer can develop a plan to get your financial affairs in order.

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