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Construction Law

An Attorney Who Knows Construction Law

The savvy attorney will understand the impact that their clients have, whether those clients are a subcontractor, general contractor, manufacturer, supplier, surety or owner. What if you had an attorney who has a deep understanding of construction law and the unique impact that the law has on each of these positions in the construction industry?

Jim Ludwig of Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA, has represented all six of these types of construction clients in his nearly 10 years of construction law practice. He serves contractors in Kentucky and Ohio with a variety of legal concerns.

The Laws You Need To Keep In Mind

These are just some of the terms that are unique to the construction industry, a very specialized area of business law:

Our firm has used its construction law knowledge to negotiate complex construction contracts, defend liens and bond claims, prosecute delay claims, litigate builders risk claims and much more. Currently, Jim serves as the owner’s legal rep on a $39 million project, constantly advising the owner on its contractual rights and obligations. In addition to handling pure construction claims, he has defended harassment and discrimination claims filed by construction employees and helped construction clients maintain compliance with the litany of employment, safety, and federal contracting rules and regulations specific to the industry.

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From a subcontractor looking to protect their lien rights to an owner exercising their termination rights, and nearly any other situation in between, Jim Ludwig can handle the construction- and business-related needs of your company. Contact us online to learn more.