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From bridge construction to never-ending orange barrels on I-75 and I-71, it’s no wonder auto accidents occur throughout the Cincinnati area every day. However, that does not mean that injured drivers deserve to be brushed aside. Many accidents cause serious injuries that have major consequences for drivers and their families. That’s why you need an experienced Cincinnati car accident attorney fighting for you.

Car Accident Cases We Handle

Protecting the rights of car accident victims in Cincinnati

The Cincinnati car accident lawyers at Minnillo Law Group have years of experience representing victims in various car accident cases. We recognize how quickly an auto accident can change your life. Helping you recover as fully as possible motivates us to succeed.

If you are wondering what to do after a crash, our Cincinnati-area law firm is here to explain your options and rights. Most auto-related accidents can involve negligence or recklessness, including:

Rideshare (such as Uber and Lyft) Accidents Icon

Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft can be one of the great modern conveniences, allowing their passengers to have affordable transportation even in areas where taxis are unavailable. However, their drivers are no better trained than other drivers on the road, and crashes involving rideshares can be particularly difficult to recover from without the right legal help.

Truck Accidents Icon

Truck Accidents and Commercial Vehicle Collisions

When you or a loved one has been injured in an accident with a semi truck or big rig, you are up against much more than a single driver. Trucking accidents mean that you face the company that the trucker worked for and their insurance and resources, and it can seem like the obstacles you face are insurmountable. They don’t have to be.

Motorcycle Accidents Icon

Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident is a jarring, disorienting and life-changing event for most people. Unfortunately, injuries tend to range from serious to catastrophic to fatal. We are experienced, dedicated motorcycle accident attorneys helping the injured and bereaved put the pieces back together.

Drunk driving accidents icon

Drunk Driving Accidents

Adding a drunk driver to the mix of a car accident means the criminal justice system will be involved. A drunk driving accident draws all sorts of attention. If you are the person injured, however, you might feel lost in between the criminal proceedings and hospital bills. We can help.

Distracted Driving Accidents

A personal injury claim for damages can help injured victims who have been harmed by a careless distracted driving. Distracted driving may be considered evidence of negligence, making the distracted driver liable to compensate the victim for their physical, financial and emotional damages.

Pedestrian accidents icon

Pedestrian Accidents

Motor vehicles and pedestrians coexist in our small towns and cities every day. Unfortunately, when they collide, it does not take an expert to know that pedestrians are likely to get the short end of the stick. It does, however, take an expert to help you get the compensation you deserve.You did not choose to get struck by a car, truck, bicycle or motorcycle, and you should not have to bear the burden of your injuries and related expenses alone.

What should I do after a car accident?

After getting into any kind of car crash, follow these four steps:

It is important to talk to an experienced car accident attorney before speaking with the insurance company.

What Can I Expect From My Cincinnati car accident Attorney?

Our experienced car accident attorneys have handled countless cases like yours. Our attorneys are valuable resources to our clients, and you can expect them to keep you informed and comfortable through all steps of your case. We handle each case with care and take pride in our strong customer service. We are here to fight for our clients and provide honest and intelligent advice to ensure the best result possible in each case.

Help with the claims process

The claims process is a part of how you reclaim your control after an accident. As an accident victim, you have one shot at settlement, so it’s imperative that your claim is properly handled. When negotiating with an insurance company, it is important to have an experienced advocate who can level the playing field. 

Insurance adjusters are trained negotiators, and this gives them an advantage when dealing with an unrepresented accident victim. Insurance companies know that once a settlement release is signed, there is no going back. As such, insurance adjusters will often take advantage of unrepresented claimants in several ways, including:

  • Attempting to cut off liability by quickly negotiating a (small) injury settlement immediately following an accident.
  • Taking the recorded statements of injury victims, often using the statements against the victim’s interests.
  • Unjustly denying valid injury claims.

Our auto accident attorneys know all the tricks in the insurance playbook. Through our years of experience advocating for injured victims, our attorneys ensure such pitfalls are avoided, our client’s rights are protected, and each case is handled with the utmost care from start to finish. We fight for you to ensure your case is properly handled and the best result is achieved. 

Help with Cincinnati auto insurance claims

If you are hit by another vehicle, you have the right to seek reimbursement from your own insurance company or the other party’s insurance company, depending on the circumstances. Compensation is vital to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. It is imperative to have an experienced advocate in your corner to ensure proper compensation for your injuries.

Insurance companies are not always willing to honor their commitment to their customers and claimants following a car accident. When they refuse to approve legitimate accident claims, or try and minimize your claim, you have options. Our car accident attorneys in the Cincinnati area can offer legal advice related to your injury claim and ensure your rights are protected. 

Types of car Accident Compensation

Auto accident victims should be aware of the process of filing a personal injury claim and the sorts of damages that can be recovered.

Medical expenses

An auto accident can leave you with large medical bills, and the stress associated with them. However, victims may be able to recover compensation for the medical care and treatment following an auto accident. Future medical care costs may also be available depending on the circumstances.

Lost wages

A car accident may leave you with injuries that require an absence from work. Following an accident, victims may be able to recover compensation for their lost wages. In addition, depending on the severity of the injury or their ability to continue working, they may be entitled to receive compensation for lost earning capacity. Disability damages may also be available depending on the circumstances.

Pain and suffering damages

A bad car accident can cause injuries that change one’s life in an instant. Victims may be able to recover compensation for the pain, suffering and inconvenience these injuries bring to their lives. Compensation for the emotional trauma often associated with an unexpected car accident may also be awarded. Damages for disfigurement may also be available depending on the nature of the injuries they have suffered.

If you’ve been in an automobile accident, our Cincinnati car accident attorneys will work to protect your rights and fight for you to achieve maximum compensation for your injuries. Contact one law offices today.

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