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What To Do If You Have Been Injured

You’ve Been Injured – What Should You Do Next?

You or a loved one has been injured. Maybe you’ve been in a car accident. Maybe you took a fall because of a poorly-maintained sidewalk. Maybe your loved one has been severely injured or even killed in an accident. It can be difficult to know where to turn and what to do next.

At Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA, we pride ourselves in our client-centered approach. We work with clients in Ohio and Kentucky to guide them through their personal injury case at every step of their recovery. If you have been injured, we will walk you through your legal options and help you choose the course of action that is right for you.

Three Essential Steps After An Accident

One of your first steps after an injury should be to file a police report. While you should also do your best to keep this information yourself, reporting your accident ensures that witness statements and evidence are collected by the police. The police can also ensure that the site of your accident is secured, and this is especially important if you have been in a car accident where traffic could be a danger or if your injuries require emergency medical care.

Another one of your first steps should be seeking the medical care you need. Seeking medical care ensures that your injuries are properly documented, and it will also prevent your injuries from worsening due to delayed treatment.

Shortly after your injury, you should also contact an attorney. This is a good idea not only if you want to pursue a personal injury case against the negligent person who caused your accident. An attorney can help ensure that witnesses are contacted, the evidence is documented, and any relevant deadlines are met. They can help you negotiate with insurance companies and allow you to focus on recovering from the injury you have suffered.

Take The Next Step

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