Impact of Ride-Sharing Services on Accidents

There are many conveniences today. We no longer have to get in our own vehicles to go shopping because on-line shopping can fulfill much of our needs. And when we do not want to take our own vehicles for a night out when drinking is consumed, <atarget=”_blank” href=”https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2020-04-07/ride-sharing-services-tied-to-rise-in-car-crashes” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>ride sharing services are available to reduce the chances of drunk driving. While there are many positives with ride sharing, the unfortunate reality is that motor vehicle accidents still occur in Ohio and Kentucky with these vehicles and could be directly related to ride sharing services.

After making their way into the U.S. in 2010, ride sharing services have made roughly 11 billion trips across the nation. It was found that due to these services, the number of crashes involving drunk drivers has decreased; however, researchers noted that the total number of crashes has not decreased.

What does this mean with regards to ride-sharing services? This means that this type of service may potentially be linked to the increase in other types of crashes. After further research, it was discovered that there was an increase in the number of crashes occurring at the pick-up and drop-off locations.

When looking into this further, it was found that the most probable explanation for an increase in motorist and pedestrian injuries at these locations was distracted driving and a higher concentration of pedestrians at these locations. It was further asserted by researchers that another possible contributions was the fact that the drivers for these services are likely less experienced and unsure when it comes to city driving.

In comparison with other driving services, such as taxis, it was found that ride sharing does not have designated drop-off and pick-up locations. Thus, passengers are getting in and out of vehicles virtually everywhere. Take this in conjunction with distracted driving and unsafe pedestrian practices, it creates a very unsafe environment for motorists, passengers and pedestrians.

When a negligent driver causes a crash, the aftermath can be traumatic for victims. Whether you were another motorist on the roadways, a passenger in a vehicle or a pedestrian, the injuries and damages that befall upon you can be overwhelming and life altering. Thus, it is important to understand how a personal injury action may be a beneficial step to take, as it could help place liability on a negligent party and assist with the recovery of compensation for losses suffered.