When Should I Look For in a Bankruptcy Attorney?

Let’s say that the evidence has been stacking up lately that suggests you need to talk with a bankruptcy lawyer: you’ve been juggling some or even many of your bills, trying to stay one step ahead of having your electricity, telephone and water shut off. You’ve been “paying off” credit card balances by opening new credit card accounts and transferring the old card’s balance to the new card, and you’re only able to make the minimum payment on the balances that you have. You’ve borrowed all the money you can from your relatives. When the phone rings, you hesitate to answer it. In a worst-case scenario, some of your creditors may have already begun taking legal action against you.

In short, the question is no longer “whether” you should contemplate personal bankruptcy as an option; the question has become what you should be looking for in such an attorney. Here are some guidelines to use when deciding which bankruptcy law firm to consider.

Experience. How much experience with Ohio bankruptcies does the law firm have? Is it well established with attorneys who know what to do, instead of learning by doing?

Credibility. Does the law firm belong to the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys? Does it participate in the bankruptcy committee of the Ohio State Bar Association? What evidence can the firm point to showing that it is serious about staying abreast of the field of federal bankruptcy laws?

Scalability. Can the firm do more than just handle simple, “routine” bankruptcy matters? Can it help you if creditors threaten your small business? What if you are involved, or expect to become involved with litigation connected to a potential bankruptcy petition? Can the firm accommodate your more advanced needs?

At Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA we provide affirmative answers to all of these questions, and more. Our experienced attorneys can help you with anything from the basics of answering questions you have about how bankruptcy works and if it is the right option for you, through filing the appropriate petition and even representing you in related litigation.

Bankruptcy can be a tremendously stressful experience that can also carry significant long-term consequences. It must be considered carefully, preferably with the help of a bankruptcy attorney that you can trust to zealously safeguard your interests.