You Are Not Controlled by Your Creditors

It is often said that a modern economy is based on credit. One reason for this belief is the need for individuals and businesses to secure credit to raise enough capital to grow. This growth is done at a much faster pace through borrowing and investment than if the consumer or entrepreneur was required to save up the necessary funds in advance.

Like all good things, however, credit does have its downside — and that is seen in the debt that is accumulated.

It is important to remember that if you find yourself in debt, your creditors may own your debt but they do not own you. Regardless of how much money you may owe or to whom you owe it to, you still have rights and there are laws in place to prevent debt collectors and creditors from unlawfully harassing you for repayment.

Sadly though, some unscrupulous debt collectors will still attempt to secure repayment by resorting to coercive and abusive measures. They will try to intimidate you by saying they will throw you out of your home, or sue you or falsely threaten to have you put in jail. If you are not savvy to these methods, it may be tempting to believe that your debt holder actually has this kind of power.

These tactics used by creditors distract the debtor from the ultimate goal, which is to find a way to settle the debt as opposed to look for ways to avoid debt collection. If you are interested in learning more about your rights as a debtor and how our firm helps people facing debt collection, then please visit our website.