About Minnillo Law Group

We Value Respect, Integrity And Quality Representation

Your case carries high stakes, and putting its outcome in someone else’s hands is intimidating. Relying on a lawyer requires immense trust. However, the right approach could help you achieve your goals.

At Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA, excellence is the expectation. Together, our team of attorneys has over 115 years of combined legal experience. Each lawyer contributes a unique perspective, and we draw upon our vast knowledge to provide the highest quality service possible for our clients. We collaborate to give you confidence in your case.

Our Team of Attorneys Includes:

Service Focused On Protection

Through each of our various practice areas, we stand strong to protect our clients, including:

Clients facing debt collection

Clients with bankruptcy inquiries and issues

Clients who are injured or disabled

Small-business owners

Consumers who have suffered from someone else’s wrongdoing

Employees who have concerns about their employment, termination or discrimination

Clients facing criminal allegations

When you encounter a conflict with the law, another person or life’s challenges, we can help you overcome the obstacles in your path. Our experience allows us to balance the scales. Serving throughout Ohio and Kentucky, we are committed to advocating for you.

Successfully Helping Thousands Get Debt Relief

Our attorneys have handled thousands of bankruptcy cases since 1996. Our experience involves both business and consumer bankruptcies. As a result, we have worked on many unique cases. We represented what we believe to be the first individual Chapter 11 filing in Ohio. We have successfully litigated a case involving commercial leases for one of our business bankruptcy clients. When a bankruptcy trustee tried to claim that an annuity from our client’s deceased husband was not exempt in bankruptcy, we fought back, and we won. We have successfully fought for mortgage principal reductions and payment modifications to keep our clients in their homes at an affordable cost.

Meet Us At A Free Consultation

With convenient offices in Cincinnati, Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA, offers diverse legal knowledge and creative solutions. Contact us online or call 740-300-2022 to speak with accomplished attorneys at a free initial consultation. After speaking with a lawyer at our firm, please complete the intake form.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.