Beware of Creditor Harassment by Fake Companies

Consumers with past-due debts may have to endure many associated hardships. Even in cases in which payment agreements have been reached with creditors, debt collectors may become nuisances. In many cases, creditor harassment is committed by non-licensed companies that have no right to call consumers, and the calls often involve nonexistent debts.

A consumer in another state recently reported that she was the victim of such harassment about debts she did not owe. Reportedly, a voice message was left informing her that legal action would be taken should she fail to call back that day to arrange payment of the outstanding debt. When she called back, she was refused any information about the company and the alleged outstanding debt; however, immediate payment was demanded.

Debt collectors are governed by laws that prohibit them from threatening consumers with jail time, foreclosure and more. They must identify themselves and provide information about their companies. They have to provide all the information related to the debt about which they are calling. Debtors must be afforded the opportunity to challenge the claims of unpaid debt.

Many of these companies who commit creditor harassment are fake callers and rely on their ability to scare consumers into paying money that was never owed. Consumers who are victims of such harassment may want to consult with experienced bankruptcy attorneys who specialize in creditor harassment. A lawyer can go through all of a client’s outstanding debt and explain the available options. This will include the option of filing for personal bankruptcy which will provide protection against wage garnishment, foreclosure, repossessions, and more while putting an immediate end to abusive debt collection tactics.

Source: wftv.com, “Action 9 investigates debt collectors crossing the line“, April 20, 2016