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How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Career?

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At Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA, we have provided advice and bankruptcy representation to thousands of Ohioans over the last 15 years. Clients and potential clients frequently ask us about the effect bankruptcy can have on their careers and job prospects.

If you have such concerns, we can discuss them in a free initial consultation. We can also explain how we can help you get debt relief and answer other questions about bankruptcy.

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How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Career?

Many employers these days run background checks on job applicants, particularly for higher level positions. With the recent economic downturn, however, many people have filed for bankruptcy because of illness, a period of unemployment or other legitimate reasons. Be prepared to answer any questions truthfully, and then transition the conversation in a way that enables you to explain how the company can benefit by hiring you.

If I File Bankruptcy, What Should I Tell My Employer?

It is unlikely that your employer will even learn of your bankruptcy. If it does, the best thing to do is to tell the truth. Not doing so could have far worse consequences than telling it that you filed bankruptcy.

In recent years, many people in Ohio have experienced financial difficulties – so many that there is no longer a stigma attached to bankruptcy. If you are asked about your bankruptcy, you might approach it this way: you recognized that you had a financial problem, and you took proactive steps to solve the problem.

One thing is certain – your current employer cannot terminate you solely for filing bankruptcy. Doing so is against the law. Learn more about your employment rights regarding bankruptcy, then call us to discuss your situation.

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