Seeking Protection From Creditor Harassment Through Bankruptcy

Many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere have experienced the burdens of overwhelming debt. Financial hardships can be intimidating enough on their own, and the constant collection calls and letters may do little to ease the stress of the situation. While some attempts to collect on debts may be within reason, others may cross the line into illegal tactics, potentially leaving an individual the victim of creditor harassment.

Many of those with outstanding debts are no strangers to early morning phone calls. However, this may not stop them from feeling intimidated by them, perhaps especially if the interaction is threatening in nature. According to reports, some creditors have gone as far as threatening debtors with arrests or lawsuits in an attempt to pressure them into making payments, which is illegal.

Although this type of scenario may be rare, such interactions can still place a great deal of pressure on an individual, potentially prompting a need to seek relief from debts, and protection from creditors. Those who wish to pursue relief may find it helpful to consider the potential benefits of bankruptcy, such as the automatic stay. Upon filing for bankruptcy, the automatic stay may kick in and provide a person with protection, which could stop the phone calls and letters from coming in throughout the process.

Creditor harassment can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life, and those who wish to seek protection may find it beneficial to speak with someone with experience in the area. By speaking with a bankruptcy attorney, a client in Cincinnati or Dayton could obtain advice on every available option for relief, as well as the potential outcomes of each in turn. An attorney can address a client’s financial concerns and assist in pursuing a future free from the stresses and burdens of debt.

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