Unsure About Filing for Bankruptcy? Get Answers to Questions

Financial difficulties can lead to tension in relationships. While many Ohio couples may realize that personal bankruptcy may provide a fresh financial start, they may procrastinate because they have many unanswered questions. Although many may believe married couples have to file jointly for bankruptcy, this is a myth. One spouse can file individually.

Filing for bankruptcy is an important step to take, and it requires careful consideration because it will have an impact on the individual and even his or her family for a considerable time. To ensure informed and advantageous decisions are made, legal counsel may be sought. The bankruptcy law firm of Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA is equipped to provide individuals or couples with answers to all their questions related to debt relief options.

Our attorneys have more than 30 years of combined experience, and we understand that the financial circumstances and dilemmas of each person are unique. We personalize and tailor each bankruptcy case to suit the circumstances of the client. Matters that will be assessed include which assets are jointly owned by spouses as marital property and which assets are separate property.

We can assist when strategic decisions must be made, such as filing separately or jointly. We will explain the pros and cons of both types of personal bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, as well as the requirements for each. The attorneys at the bankruptcy law firm of Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA provide guidance and support throughout the legal proceedings and do whatever we can to prepare each client for post-bankruptcy financial stability. Ohio consumers who are unsure of whether bankruptcy is a suitable option for them may find comfort in learning that we offer free initial consultations during which we can provide answers to all questions.