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Abusive Debt Collection

Abusive Debt Collection And Your Rights

Are debt collectors and creditors harassing you? You have rights. Are you deeply in debt and unable to make timely debt payments and to pay off your debts? You still have rights.

Not every collection effort is abusive, unfair or unlawful. However, that does not mean that bill collectors always follow the rules. In pursuit of the almighty dollar, some creditors and collection agencies cross the line and violate the rights of consumers. It is important for you to know what bill collectors can and cannot do. If a debt collector is violating your rights, we can help you turn the table and sue them for damages.

We have defended the rights of people who have been victimized by abusive debt collection practices. Sometimes, large numbers of people are affected. Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA, has experienced lawyers who handle complex class action litigation to protect people from national debt buyers and unscrupulous debt collectors. A recent example can be found by following this link.

If you are suffering creditor harassment or unlawful debt collection abuse, we can help. To learn more about your rights and how we can help you get the relief you deserve, call Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA, at 513-723-1600 to arrange a free consultation.

Attorneys Helping Consumers Harassed By Debt Collectors In Ohio And Kentucky

Debt collectors’ rights to contact you are restricted by numerous laws, both before and after filing for bankruptcy. For example, if you have not filed for bankruptcy, debt collectors cannot generally:

Filing For Bankruptcy Increases Your Protection From Creditors

Creditors’ rights are even more restricted after you file for bankruptcy. For instance, after you file, creditors cannot contact you at all in most instances.

At the Cincinnati, Ohio, bankruptcy law firm of Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA, we are committed to helping clients who are unreasonably or illegally harassed by debt collectors and creditors. Harassing debt collection activities can range from a note on a door to extreme cases of threats of physical harm.

No matter what kind of harassment you may be experiencing, contact us to get the relief you deserve; we have been practicing bankruptcy law and helping clients stop creditor harassment since 1996.

Put An End To Abusive Debt Collection Practices With One Phone Call

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