Bankruptcy For Those Approaching Retirement

Bankruptcy Guidance For Those Approaching Retirement

In an ideal world, retirement is supposed to represent your golden years. However, investment losses and the prospect of reduced incomes in retirement present problems for some people in their 50s and 60s. It may seem tempting to pay off high credit card balances or medical debt with funds from your retirement account as you prepare for retirement. But that can be a costly mistake. If you are approaching retirement and have unmanageable debts, Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA, has solutions for you.

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Important Facts You Should Know

If you are approaching retirement or you are already retired, you need to know these important facts about bankruptcy:

The many exemptions available under Ohio and Kentucky law can protect virtually all property for most residents. Our attorneys will make full use of all available exemptions to protect as much of your property as possible.

If You Own Your Home Mortgage-Free

One potential problem exists for homeowners who have no outstanding mortgage debt. If you file bankruptcy, the equity in your house is an asset that could be taken by the bankruptcy trustee to pay off creditors. However, our lawyers are skilled at developing creative strategies that can protect the assets of people in this situation. We will work diligently to develop the optimal solution for you.

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